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Improving access to DAFNE in Scotland

By Simon on May 06, 2022 09:44

The ALLIANCE’s Diabetes Lived Experience Network are performing a survey for those that have lived experience of diabetes (and that will include the experience of structured education) in Scotland; which they will feedback to the Scottish Government. The ALLIANCE and DAFNE Central need the help of Graduates from Scotland in filling out a short survey on their experience of DAFNE, with the aim of improving access to DAFNE in Scotland. You can find out more information from their flyer here.

What’s so great about DAFNE?

By marke on July 15, 2021 17:33

The Central DAFNE team are keen to spread the word on how great DAFNE is. They are planning some communications based on ‘100 great things about DAFNE’ and are asking DAFNE graduates to be part of this. Please click the below survey monkey link to complete the very short survey:

DAFNE Collaborative 2021

By marke on June 08, 2021 10:20

Every year the DAFNE Management Team holds a DAFNE Collaborative, which is a meeting of all DAFNE Centre staff, the DAFNE board and Management Team and DAFNE Graduates. Usually this is a physical day or two days in a conference centre. This year, for reasons I don't need to explain, it will be all online. Given this fact they want to invite all DAFNE graduates to have the opportunity of joining the online conference. This year it will last a day and is on June 21st. The programme of presentations is here, you can also go to the official DAFNE website . The official DAFNE Site has a link to the Teams meeting that you can use to join the meeting on the day. The link is currently there so you can test it but it won't actually show you the meeting until it starts. You don't need to install any software to join the meeting as Teams will work just in your browser and will give you that option when you click on the link. They won't be sending out an invite that automatically gets added in your calendar, so you will have to do that yourself if you want a reminder to join the meeting on the day.

Anyone out there ?

By marke on May 24, 2020 19:54

Any one out there ? Surely you are all locked in at home like me :-( Add to my post here

DAFNE offical website down !

By marke on April 08, 2020 18:24

If you need to order replacement blood diaries and find the website is not working, try going to
To find the Blood Glucose Diaries page try selecting 'People with Type 1 Diabetes' followed by 'DAFNE Shop'. They are apparently updating the site and the original link is not working at the moment. I supposed they have bigger issues to work about at the moment :-(


By marke on June 25, 2018 15:33

For membership of the National DAFNE Executive Board 2018

The DAFNE Executive Board gives notice that it will hold elections to the National DAFNE Collaborative for membership to join the National DAFNE Executive Board.

Elections will be held for the following positions:
• 5 DAFNE Graduate user representatives

Nominations for the User representative position are invited from DAFNE Graduates who are DAFNE Graduate Group (DGG) members . The details of the role are provided in the attached job role description and member person specification.

A nomination form to stand for election will be emailed to all DGG members on Monday 25th June 2018, replacement nomination forms may be obtained by contacting Becky Hedgcock, DAFNE Manager on 0191 349 9661 or emailing [email protected]

All nomination forms should be received by the Returning Officer (Becky Hedgcock) at the above email address, before 12 noon on Wednesday 11th July 2018. It is important you complete the reference section of the nomination form in order for your form to be considered.

By 5pm on Wednesday 11th July, validation checks will be carried out and two character references will be requested by the central DAFNE team to the email addresses supplied on your nomination form and must be completed and returned by the referees by 12 noon on Friday 27th July 2018 or your nomination will be withdrawn.

If required, the required references will be followed up by Central DAFNE on no more than 2 occasions between 11th – 27th July 2018, therefore it is the nominee’s responsibility to contact the referee prior to submitting their nomination form, and to also chase up their referees if required prior to the deadline. Please note references can only be sent to and received from business/nhs email accounts, not personal accounts such as hotmail, gmail etc.

Any notice of withdrawal must be received by the Returning Officer at the above email address, before 12 noon on Monday 16th July 2018.

Voting will be by DAFNE centre with each DAFNE centre having one vote. Ballot papers will be issued to the Lead Educator at each qualifying DAFNE centre, before 5pm on Monday 30th July 2018.

Complete ballot papers, one per centre, must be received by the Returning Officer by 5pm on Monday 20th August 2018.

The result of the election will be announced on the DAFNE website ( on Tuesday 28th August 2018.

The regulations governing this election can be obtained from:
Becky Hedgcock
National DAFNE Manager
Central DAFNE
Ward 2
North Tyneside General Hospital
Rake Lane
North Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE29 8NH
or [email protected]

DAFNEplus Survey

By marke on September 15, 2017 21:28

As you may or may not know the next version of DAFNE called DAFNEplus is currently in the research stage. This means a new version of the course will be developed and then 'tested' to see if it gives better results than the current version. Part of this 'research' is a survey that we have been asked to promote on DAFNEOnline. To quote them

The survey opened last week and will close at the end of October 2017. It's open to 18-75 year olds with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Our aim is to assess various diabetes specific quality of life measures. There are more details here on the webpage ( ) and also in our blog post -

So please do go and fill it in and it may influence DAFNE Courses in the future........

Kings Open Days

By marke on July 19, 2017 16:32

If you are a King's DAFNE Graduate then we'd like to invite you to one of our DAFNE Refresher Days, which we run throughout the year. See here . for poster and dates.
They are for any King's College Hospital patients who have attended a DAFNE course in the past. The days are an ideal way to refresh carbohydrate counting and insulin dose adjustment skills, with morning workshops focusing on these areas for everyone and the afternoon sessions being a choice of two workshops including exercise, eating out and alcohol, pump management and emotional well-being.
The days are always well evaluated, with people enjoying being able to meet and chat to other people with type 1 diabetes as well as the pharmaceutical reps and charities we have supporting the event.
The day also has exciting talks by members of the team on new diabetes research developments, a focus on behaviour and beliefs and an "On The Sofa" session where you get to pose your questions to the team.
For further information, or to book your spot please contact us on [email protected] or ring 0203 299 1812 with your information.

secure logins now supported

By marke on March 28, 2017 19:44

We have just updated the site to allow you to access it via https. I know that won't mean much to a lot of people, however to ensure your password is secure when you enter it on the site you need to use the address to access the site. Your browser will most likely warn you if you access it as and click in the password field. Its warning you that its not secure which is why you need to use the https prefix which protects all messages between your device and the site.

Forums Fixed

By marke on February 16, 2017 20:40

The forums are all fixed and working again now, apologies for the downtime we had no idea there was an issue until someone emailed us. We will try to ensure it doesn't happen again but it seems we are human after all ;-)