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What is DAFNE? - Most people with Type 1 diabetes in the UK inject their insulin between two and four times a day. They try to adjust their doses of insulin according to their blood glucose level and to suit their lifestyle. The DAFNE training programme is designed to make it possible for you to have a much greater choice with food. DAFNE will enable you to eat largely as you want, while still keeping your blood glucose levels under control. As well as providing you with the skills necessary to estimate the amount of carbohydrate in each meal and inject the right dose of insulin, DAFNE also covers strategies for managing your dosage when exercising, during illness and when eating out or drinking alcohol.


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New Course Books now online - We have now updated the UK Course Books and changed the way they are accessed. The Course books are now accessed using a PDF viewer that is limited to... (Posted 4 months)

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Once signed up and logged in, you can store your own Online Blood Glucose Diary. This Diary allows you to enter information in a similar format to the paper-based DAFNE Diary, as well as providing you with graphical views of trends in your Blood Glucose readings, and allowing you to share your readings with educators and other users on the forums.

Search Carbohydrate Portion Lists for quick and easy access to CP information online, as well as being able to add your own entries.

Access the latest version of the DAFNE Course Handbook online, once you are verified as a DAFNE Graduate


In the forums you can discuss DAFNE, ask for advice from other DAFNE Graduates and Educators, or even help others.

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DAFNE Online Mobile - when you access the site through a mobile device, you will automatically see a mobile-friendly version of the site. Giving you access to your Glucose Diary, CP Lists and more on the move.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, click the below link to get the DAFNE Online app, which allows you to view the CP List and store your BG Diary on your phone without an internet connection.

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