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Politikaal DAFNE Graduate
Queensland Diabetes Centre, Brisbane, QLD
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Hi Simon,
Here are my thoughts and suggestions regarding the App:

1. When I start it up, I quite often get the "Connection failed" pop up almost immediately, even though I have 3G, or am at home with WiFi. When I click retry, it always connects the second go. Maybe the timeout for generating this message needs to be lengthened by say, a second, to give the App a bit longer to sort out its connection to DAFNE Online.
2.when entering BG, it would be a small improvement to have a floating decimal point so that you don't have to press the decimal point button. For a reading of 5.0, you just have to press 5 then 0, and the numbers shift to the left accordingly. This would also keep the decimal point for whole numbers (5.0 instead of 5) but I think this is a good thing. There is an App called LogFrog DB that I used to use before DAFNE that does this very well. It seems like a small thing but little things like that really do make a difference to the users experience.


Politikaal DAFNE Graduate
Queensland Diabetes Centre, Brisbane, QLD
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oh.....one more thing:

I am a snacker. I think most people would have snacks on a fairly regular basis. If you have to change the "type" to enter a record when you have a snack, you currently have to scroll through all the regular types, hypos and exercise to find "snack" I would personally like to see this closer to the top so you don't have to scroll. Call me anal but as above.....its the little things that make a good app brilliant. I have an iPhone 4S, on the iPhone 5 with its longer screen this may no longer be an issue and "snack" may be visible without scrolling.

Faulty Headl... DAFNE Graduate
Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast
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Not sure how old this post is but could you please please not mess around with the set up of the app too much. I am a blind user and find it great the way it is. make sure all the tags, headings and buttons are labeled properly and I'm happy. the floating decimal point idea? not sure how it works but how difficult is it to press that button, and putting snacks to top of list? they aren't just going to change that to suit one person. as there will be people who hypo a lot who use that reading type more or people who exercise a lot and so on. Big thumbs up for how the app is working at the moment. just learnt yesterday that to update results from diary tab you just go to top page and swipe fingers to make it renew page and sync results from computer.

Politikaal DAFNE Graduate
Queensland Diabetes Centre, Brisbane, QLD
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Hi Faulty headlight,
Yeah I like it fine the way it is too. I was merely making suggestions about what would enhance it for me personally and make it even better. I'm sure the developers won't act on every suggestion that I, or anyone else, makes. They asked for feedback though, so I'm giving feedback, to be read along with everyone elses. I don't think that Snack should be at the top of the list, just a bit further up so that it is onscreen would be nice though.

No it's not hard to press a button, but minor improvements like that can make for a better experience by the user when all added up. LogFrog DB did it really well for their UI and I was surprised at the difference it made.

All the best

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi both,

Thanks for the feedback - glad to hear it's working well for both sighted and non-sighted users. I'll look to move Snack nearer to the top (but not at the top) of the list and have a think about the decimal point idea.

The connection failed problem sounds like a real one so I'll take a look at that too.


africanparsley DAFNE Graduate 1 post

I love this app and Dafne in general, I'm still trying to get it all to help with improved HbA1C and I hope that soon this will happen.
However, I'd like exercise to be split in 2 please - we know that resistance exercise (lifting weights) and cardio (running) affects BG differently, which results in needing different starting BGs and usually different ending ones. E.g. weights make your numbers go up so I want to start on 4-7mmol, a normal good BG and also inject either 0.5 if it's above 6 or more if I haven't had any insulin for 4+ hrs. After it's likely to go up and you may want to then inject to bring it down again. So your set up - ideal BG where the app will give you a correction - will differ to cardio, where I would like to start on 8mmol, and after 40-60 mins, it'll come down to about 4.2-6 depending on a range of things (some QA needed if no insulin for 4 hrs too).

Can we therefore add these to the options:
exercise - resistance
exercise - cardio

And also something that tells you you've not had QA for 4 hrs, as a reminder, regardless of your numbers and where they should be depending on the option you have selected.

EG. outside of exercise, I've had days where I've been 5.2 when I leave work at 5pm having had lunch at 12pm, but when I get home at 7pm, it's gone up, possibly due to stress, rushing but likely from hours of not eating and no QA.

That would also help.

Sorry this is a long winded point, couldn't work out how to put it more succintly without providing examples.

Hope this makes sense - thanks all

Sharon doodle DAFNE Graduate
Cumbria Diabetes
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Hi, I've just read through these posts...I'm wondering if the iPad users out there know that you can download an iPhone app onto the iPad....you just have to search in the App Store for iPhone apps. The iPad will make the app fit the screen- so may also be useful for the partially sighted people? Just a thought....