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Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Roger,

It's still on the to-do list I'm afraid - I am getting round to it though.


Ahmentep DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Good man!

Thanks Simon.

Gemsa DAFNE Graduate
Taunton and Somerset Hospital, Taunton
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Totally agree, would be really useful for me to record BI and QA locations separately yet keep the QA and BI data on the same line for neatness when scrolling through entries.

I'm not so fussed about the left/right buttocks (aahh, I like doing my BI dose as ticking 'buttocks' always makes me snigger like a little child!) as I can only reach my right so know 'buttocks' means 'right buttock' for me - but had been wondering why it was recorded as only one. Should be a simple fix?

I'm finishing my DAFNE course tomorrow so have only been using the android app for 3 days (didn't find it till day 2) but it seems really good and I was totally flabbergasted this was just created by 'mere diabetic mortals' in their spare time. Thank you v.v.v.v.v.much! Has made my bag so much lighter without having to carry two different books around. Very Happy

richard.arkle DAFNE Graduate
NHS Grampian
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Site description is very personal and so it should be, I will save you the sordid details of my own body shape and how difficult different parts are to reach.

Different folks are different shapes and have fat in different areas. For example I cannot imagine or reaching to inject into my arm or calf.

So for me and maybe others the places we inject are very specific and quite personal. Without a detailed anatomy not everyone will be satisfied with a restricted list of body areas.

As an alternative can I suggest a simple numeric system. You choose how to number your injecion sites from 1 to say 9 and those are the choices on the DAFNE App.

Personally I would go for:

1 - Left thigh
2 - Right thigh
3 - Left buttock
4 - Right buttock
5 - Left back
6 - Right back
7 - Left stomach
8 - Right stomach

Not everyone is going to agree on this so why not a simple 1 - 9 pick list

Alternatively just have a free text entry like the comments field and people can input their own patricular code for the sites, eg LT, RT, LB, RB etc

What do you think?

Cheers Richard

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Ahmentep said:
Hi Simon,

I raised this topic back in December 2011. Since then several other people have said that they too would like to designate a site for each injection or, alternatively, have the sites described in a logical manner, e.g. Left arm, Right arm, Left buttock, Right buttock.

You said some months ago that you would take a look at this. Have you managed to do so?

Kind regards,


Hi Roger (and others)

You can now specify a QA and BI Injection site separately when entering diary entries on the site (both full and mobile websites). I'll work on getting the ability to do this in the smartphone apps soon.


Annette Bell DAFNE Graduate
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Simon - I assume this is still in your "to do" list as it doesn't seem to have reached the iPhone app yet?