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Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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BeccyB said:
I don't suppose anyone has gone through airport security with a Libre yet??

I was having a general conversation about airports with someone and suddenly wondered what they would make of the sensor?!

If nobody else reports before August I shall find out myself :-)

I visited New York in November and coming through security in Manchester I had my libre sensor on, I didn't even beep as I went through the scanner. My sensor had run out by the time I was coming back the other wat so can't comment on US Airport security, but I was fine in the UK.

Faulty Headl... DAFNE Graduate
Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast
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Just wondering about meters, pumps and so on. You know the way now you have to have your phone charged so you can show it working or they take it off you? is it the same for our diabetic devices?

HelenP DAFNE Graduate
Queensland Diabetes Centre, Brisbane, QLD
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I had trouble with my pump at Singapore...the officious attendant, after I had told her I had an insulin pump and presented the accompanying kit and paperwork, wanted to put it through the scanner (not the walk through). She also wanted me to take the pump off so she could take it somewhere else for examination. I objected and she then wanted me to dismantle the pump to ensure there were no drugs in either the battery compartment or the cartridge compartment. I tried to explain the ramifications...and the time that it would take to do this etc. Finally a man, about 30 came and just waved me through! We were on transfer and if they had held me up much longer, me and about 20 others (complaining passengers because of the delay) would have missed our flight back to Australia.

I have done a fair bit of international travel and that is about all the trouble i have ever had...that and a reminder to not activate my Frio pouch until through the first check at the airport. More than 100mL of "liquid"!


stephenbrowne DAFNE Graduate
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
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Hi HelenP, I have been very reluctant to undertake international travel with my insulin pump and backup Humapen and Novopen as well as Feestyle libre. I would not want to become embroiled in altercations at airports. You describe the sort of problem that I am anxious to avoid. Glad you were able to stand your ground successfully. Well done !

HelenP DAFNE Graduate
Queensland Diabetes Centre, Brisbane, QLD
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I travel with a "lunch box" style pack filled with all the kit I need and a comprehensive letter from the doctor (on letterhead) listing everything I take and a request to call him if there is ever a problem. He has never been called. The pump company also has an international number that can be called on its paperwork. I also carry a spare pump without the cartridge but with a battery. I suspect the incident at the airport in Singapore was a new (inexperienced) employee determined to follow the rules. As we were late into Singapore (after an 8 hour flight) I became assertive she reacted by becoming more determined.

I have also had a Korean National sitting next to me on a flight to Seoul who could not/would not leave my tubing alone...she kept tugging on it. She had seen me give myself a bolus for a meal (somewhat discretely) and it just started. I called the bilingual cabin staff and explained. Passenger not happy and you always wonder what they have been told as the Koreans always do as the elder person says/ wants (check the Sewol ferry disaster) and are extraordinarily polite to their elders. They offered to move me! I now always book a seat with an aisle on my right and wear the pump on my right hip. Makes things easier. Try a short flight to a friendly destination. I am sure you will be fine. The more of us that fly the more familiar they will become with the gadgetry. Helen

BeccyB DAFNE Graduate
NHS Birmingham East and North
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That's awful Helen - what a stupid woman! I would've pulled her hair everytime she did it Twisted Evil Laughing

HelenP DAFNE Graduate
Queensland Diabetes Centre, Brisbane, QLD
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In perspective I did go to Korea 6-8 times with the pump and it only happened once but you then take steps to see that it does not happen again. So booking an aisle seat was my decision and that solved my problem. I have no idea why she did it. I have been to Korea 27 times and spent a total of 2-3 weeks each time so have spent some time getting to know some of the Korean people. Some are very Western and culturally accepting of other viewpoints, others are "very Korean". It is not stupidity it is cultural outlook and working around the issue will always have a better outcome. The pump was obviously very different from anything she had experienced. Helen

stephenbrowne DAFNE Graduate
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
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Thanks, Helen, for your encouragement and experienced advice. SB

Peter DUAG Committee Member
University College London Hospitals (UCLH)
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Has anybody found out the cost the annual subscription yet. I can find it described on the Abbott website, but it doesn't appear as an option in the "shop". I'm wondering whether to have to have bought a meter and some sensors first, and then they'll tell you what the annual cost is???

sarahg DAFNE Graduate
South East Essex Community Healthcare
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Hi Guys I did ask about this just before Christmas and was told it was not set up yet,must say can't wait for it to be set up as I am not that great a remembering to order them.