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An interesting question to which there is not currently a definitive answer. The idea for the DAFNE user group borne out of a desire by the national Executive group to have greater input and activity from graduates not only in the running of the national programme but also into their research agenda.
For one reason or another this did not happen until a couple of months ago when an election was finally held and 15 graduates were elected to the user group. The group will undergo training before it has its first 'official' meeting and that training will take place early in July.
Once the training is complete meetings will occur and you will be able to read and comment on them in this forum. We at the website have representation on the user group and will do our best to ensure everyone is kept involved with what is going on in the group and any news that comes out of it. If anything noteworthy occurs at the training it will be reported here as will details of what occurs at the first and any subsequent meetings.