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I know this may go against the “DAFNE Principles” of dividing the day into sections by mealtime & bed, however would it be possible to have graphs that displayed all tests throughout the day by time recorded, rather than by meal time? This could either be by a scatter graph, or showing lines linking results from each day.
Ie. x = time, 24 hour; y = BG

Multiple days can then be overlapped to show when seemingling random highs or lows correlate - particularly between meals – making it clearer if ratios for certain meals need to be adjusted. The current graphs are great for showing general trends, but take the presumption that my BGs follow a lovely straight line between each meal; whilst I would love for this to be true, I know it’s not!

My first consultant after I was diagnosed (a diabetes-specialist paediatrician from South Africa, based in North Yorkshire, who was absolutely brilliant) used to generate scatter graphs based on the readings downloaded from my meter over the past month(s), and it showed so many things that you wouldn’t notice from a list of results.
I’ve tried this myself using results exported into Excel, and it does work, but is a bit more time consuming. Would love to know what others think of this idea?


Garry DAFNE Graduate
North Lincolnshire
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I use an Abbott Optium Xceed meter and their software system Co-Pilot gives you a modal day graph of results based on time of day. Their old software - which I have forgotten the name of - had the ability to create more than a dozen graph types. The current system has been perhaps been over-simplified, but there are 4 graph types available as well as combined display types. Many meter suppliers are going this way now and if you can choose a meter with the right software it may be able to give you just what you need. Some internet research may show you what is out there.


slb23 5 posts

Hi Garry,
Thanks, I do use an Optium so may try that. Unfortunately though I also use several other meters (keep one in my handbag, one at work, one in my gym bag, one in the kitchen, one next to the bed...) so each would only show a small snapshot of the day. The only place with all the results together in a meaningful way is on here!