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Ahmentep DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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I would like to report that the Android app works quite well on both my Dell Streak and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. There are one or two minor problems:
a) When accessing the site using the Android browser it is impossible to correct any mistakes in posts one is writing for submission.
b) Any attempt to scroll through the post one is replying to whilst writing the reply results in the disappearance of the answer box and the loss of anything in it.
c) So far I have been unable to access the emoticons.

I downloaded Opera onto the Galaxy and problem (a) does not appear in Opera.

For future app upgrades you might consider the following:

a) Make the meal category change automatically with a change of time.
b) Allow the choice of 12/24 hour clocks on both the display and the time set window.
c) Allow a choice of injection site for both QA & BI. I'm sure I'm not the only one who, when injecting both types at the same time uses different sites for each. Left thigh for one, right thigh for the other for example.

The carb counting facility is invaluable. Having all that information to hand on my Streak makes a tremendous difference! Well done.