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Anil DAFNE Graduate
Central Middlesex Hospital
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Dam, each pig is worth $350,000!!
Probably more then how much a single human is worth!!

Watch the video in the above link, its very interesting, and again... Gives us HOPE.. at least we have something to look forward to! (Maybe!, Fingers crossed!)

Prayer4aCure DAFNE Graduate
Mt Gambier Diabetes Centre, South Australia
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Thank you for taking the time to look at the story & I wanted to say I really appreciate your post because this sounds how I felt after I watched this myself, it was the first time I have ever felt there really was hope of a cure in my life time. The professor who has spent 50 years of this life dedicated to this cause really moved me because he was moved to tears with this breakthrough himself. Over the years I have watched many articles on a cure & like most of us probably didn't take much notice "false hope" thing. I do think this gives us very good reason to think about taking better care of ourselves, we never know what may be around the corner, I have learned it dosen't always have to be a negaitive/bad thing around the corner! I am working in a wellness centre at the moment (crystals, mediitation, massage, alternative therapies, self healing - mental emotional & physical & personal growth etc, & I am currently studying hypnotherapy & psycothapy) so I am big on the 'positive vibration' thing nowadays particularly in relation to healing & good health & focusing on the good things in life! I am much more open to methods of healing & into listening/learning what I can do to help myself to heal & be well these days... Thanks again, I appreciate that you took the time to watch it, may we all stay positive about the future & remember to take good care of our health in the meantime tahnks for pointing out that really is vitally important! Thank you for helping me to see that I may have given the impression that self-care is not important anymore when its really quite the opposite very good reason to improve our management & self-care! Stay well, take care - Sue J