Incorrect data affecting downloading, esp middle data?

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Knox Community Health Service, Victoria
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Hi everybody, it's my first post on DAFNE online so I hope I'm in the right place Smile

I got this query from a newly trained HCP whose DAFNE graduate encountered a problem, so I hope someone can shed some light for me. I have copied the relevant segment of the email enquiry describing the issue.

"one of our DAFNE participants is having [problems] downloading her results on DAFNE online, she states that when she puts them in, one entry will say incorrect data or something like that so it won’t download. She says that is she puts in 8 entries or 10 entries it’s usually the middle data entry that won’t work. hope that makes sense."

I have previously done a text search on the DAFNE online forum using "data", "download", ïncorrect" separately but not found anything helpful, hence me posting.

Apart from encouraging this new DAFNE graduate to use this forum, is there other information I can ask for that may help solve the problem?

All feedback and thoughts welcomeSmile Thanks in advance!


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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Ivan, sorry I only just got round to responding to this - is your graduate still having issues? If so can you get them to email us at