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Alan M. 3 posts


Wasnt sure if I should have posted this in another topic but all the design suggestions appear to be for the mobile site rather than the app so apologies if this is on the wrong place!

One thing I would quit like to see is if you tilt your iphone on its side the app adjusts to be viewed that way. More specifically it would be great that when you did this the lay out changed to the same structure as the paper version of the diary (the times running along the top instead of down the side).
I feel that paper diary layout is the best for reviewing and comparing previouse days' blood results for making dosage adjustments. I know you can view your data this way by creating a report on the site but it would be a really handy option on the actual app.

Hope that makes sense!
Alan Very Happy

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Alan

Thanks for the suggestion - sounds good & I'll put it on the app to do list!


Alan M. 3 posts

That's great Simon. Thanks very much. Im just glad my description managed to make sense Very Happy