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Cumbria Diabetes
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Apologies for my naiveness! I have recently started using the Android App and online Diary and am really pleased with it but I am a bit stuck. I managed to upload from the app last week but forgot how I did it. Having looked on here I changed the settings to automatically upload entries but its only uploaded the last one, not the entries inbetween? Any help would be much appreciated as I have a hospital appt on Thursday and nothing to show the consultant.

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Sarah,

Try re-saving the other entries with the Diary Upload function turned on; the app uploads to the site when en entry is saved.



Gemsa DAFNE Graduate
Taunton and Somerset Hospital, Taunton
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I get the error message "Operation failed with unexpected server response: code=302 reason=Moved Temporarily detail=." Any ideas as to what that means? It's not every entry that happens for so my online diary looks patchy. (Only started using this week on DAFNE course)

Ariane DAFNE Graduate
Queen Mary Hospital, Sidcup
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I also got an error message and have just changed phones the message says , BG is not a number!!!
Uploading and downloading are not working correctly on my new or old HTC phones.
I have a year worth of records on my phone which are not uploading because of this error message and my new phone will not download and display anything!!!!

Android support is an ongoing issue for a lot of users can someone from the app design team please fix this and answer android users questions!!!???

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Hi, there is NO app design team. In fact there is no android developer at all at the moment. This site is run on a voluntary basis by DAFNE Graduates in their spare time. The apps were developed by people kind enough to give their time. This is why questions are not being answered at the moment. In addition there is an issue in the diary part of the site that 'may' be related to this. Can you please provide details of what the errors are and the date and time they appear, this will help is investigate the issue and hopefully provide a solution.

Ariane DAFNE Graduate
Queen Mary Hospital, Sidcup
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Hi Marke,
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I assumed that since the app had a designer it was checked by the 'Keith Clarke' that created it or that said person would know how to rectify the problem.
I left a message on here over a year ago asking if we could have an update of the android app so it did the same things the iphone app did e.g adding your own food entries.

And the iphone threads tend to be a bit more frequently dealt with, the app itself being slightly better, hence Android frustration.

I am very greatful for it so thank-you, it's just very frustrating when you come to rely on something and come up against the same errors and nothing can be done to change whats is otherwise a brilliant app.
I wish the government or someone would give you the funding necessary because it is by far the best thing out there for DAFNE users, especially as it is free.
The message that comes up is 'Unexpected error: Uploading failed BG is not a number.'
I try to upload results from my old HTC and it will only upload to a certain point (only after 5 or 6 continuous attempts) and then displays the message above.
I tried several times between Sat 11th and Monday 13th January 2013 from around 5 or 6 pm.
Eventually as I said , it did upload part of the results but for some reason there are wholes in what it uploads,
e.g when uploading the last year, it completely disregards Oct and November and skips from September to Decemeber readings, despite them clearly being present on my old phone.

So when I look on my new HTC there are two months of readings missing, it's a bit baffling.
I suspect the error message has something to do with it.
I have even checked those results to make sure i haven't written BG in a box mistake or something, but no such luck.

Voila, thank-you for your time. Very Happy

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Hi, the following entry looks a bit strange:

2014-1-11 at 19:26 diary_entry_type= Before Dinner, ratio=2.5:1, bg="", cps="5.5", qa="13.8", bi=""
There is no BG but the QA is 13.8 which looks odd. Should this be in the BG field ??
This may explain the error you are getting, can you change it and see what happens ?