Carb counting aps for iphone 3gs?

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Faulty Headl... DAFNE Graduate
Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast
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I was wondering about an ap for my iphone to help me count carbs? there is one i keep hearing about called Carbs and Cals but it is all visual, it shows a plate with different size portions, this is no use to me as i'm completely blind. anyone know of another ap i could try?

I have an ap called LookTel, i can take a pic of a tin or pack of something and record a voice tag with details on what it is, how long to cook it and nutritional things. then next time i come back to a tin or pack the same with the iphone it will remember it. I can build up a library of things but need someone there to read the detials for the first time. the iphone will then play back my voice tag when it recognises something. pretty cool.
takes a long time to build up a library though and i won't have everything on there.

Simon Site Administrator
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Hi there,

The DAFNE Online iPhone app should work on 3GS, however currently there's no support in it for blind users - if you let us know what you need in the app to make it work for you we can get going on it.