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AnnaM DAFNE Graduate
Queensland Diabetes Centre, Brisbane, QLD
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Is there a way of printing the results for a week with all of the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, etc... below each other, so that when the specialist at the hospital reviews the data they can easily see any trends. This was how it was laid out when I did the course and the hospital said it was very important to have it like this. Thanks

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Anna, thanks for your feedback. In the past we've found that pretty difficult to do - as different people store different numbers of results. I'll see what we can do and get back to you.


slb23 5 posts

Hi, has there been any update on this in the last 18 months? I've just had my first clinic since using the online diary, and I don't think the HCPs were too impressed!

RichFreed DAFNE Graduate
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland
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+1 to this request. Had a little go myself exporting to MS access to try and cobble together something myself. Utterly failed. I could see that I'd have to create a custom vba app to dynamically do it. And probably too difficult for me.

Maybe an interim 'almost' solution would be to allow for us to filter which types we want displayed. Eg for a report to take into my specialist I would want just meals, hypos && bed.