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Adrienne DAFNE Graduate
Waitemata DHB, Auckland
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There seems to be an issue with setting the date in the diary for my local time (NZ+12GMT). I've noticed that when I enter my AM readings I have to continually change the date at the top to be able to see my entries because it keeps reverting back to the prior day.

RichFreed DAFNE Graduate
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland
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I have the same thing happen at +10. I don't think the page is browser time aware.

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
560 posts

Hi guys,

I'll look into this. When we first built the site it was aimed at Uk/Ireland DAFNE graduates; then after a chance meeting with one of the Oz DAFNE educators the site was opened up to our Diabetic cousins from down under, with the NZ and Kuwait programmes following soon after. So some of the locality specific stuff we should have done early on was missed out.

Apologies, and we will work to fix it