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Chris loughrey DAFNE Graduate
University College Hospital, Galway
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I'm just posting to enquire about the DAFNE app and using a pump. I've gotten pretty attached to the app, really helps with patterns and adjustments. I'm due to start on a pump soon but it seems that pump therapy is fairly incompatible with the diary set up. No ability to record multiple/temporary basal rates etc and I really don't want to have to use another new diary app.

Is it possible that the diary may be updated in the future to include these features and accommodate people using pumps. Or are there any other 3rd party apps that you could recommend that may do the job?



Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Chris,

Glad you've found the app useful thus far, what would we need to add to keep it useful for you?


Ahmentep DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Sorry, before I can read your message I have to get rid of this reply box, which came up with your message (twice). I can't delete it so I have to post a message instead.

Chris loughrey DAFNE Graduate
University College Hospital, Galway
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I'm thinking of a way that you can put in basal rates that may change 3-4 times a day but still get a correct total daily dose in the summary numbers. IE if I say that at 10am-4pm my basal rate is 0.25U per hour, currently I'd have to record that every hour for it to be counted properly so a method of putting in pump basals would be good. How to do that is something I'm not sure of Laughing

Jenny DAFNE Graduate
University Hospitals, Leicester
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Yes, I've been wondering how to record basal rates. It would need to have an entry for each hour and repeat each day until you changed it. Then you could keep track of it and it might help so that you could change the basal rate by a percentage for specific times of month/weekends etc.