Bug Fixes 11th Jan

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I've been working today on fixes and updates, some requested by the users, some found by myself, as follows:

  • Added a DAFNE Management user type after Gill's request. Also ensured that a user's level are displayed correctly on forum posts and their user description.
  • After clicking the logout button, you are now taken to the home page rather than the login page.
  • You can now reset your password, if you forget it via the reset password link on the login page. If you request a password reset, You will be sent a new random password via email.
  • Fixed a (somewhat major!) bug which stopped new users from signing up.
  • User bios now display with correct formatting, and the 255 character limit has now been taken off
Thanks to Brian and Gill for bringing some of these issues to my attention. If anyone finds anything else they think is wrong then let me know.