Dismal Hba1c levels

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Seanyseanuk DAFNE Graduate
Central Middlesex Hospital
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Okay so what are your qualifications exactly? I have no doubt you may know more than some of the HCPs out there, but what basis or reference points are you using to say that with confidence?

I’m pretty sure my understanding of the principles of DAFNE – having lived with diabetes for over 35 years and really only having had issues since switching to basal bolus is really in and of itself a clear indicator that DAFNE doesn’t work for everyone. I did my course in October last year, so its been a good 8 months (if we include the month of June). However it is possible as you say, the one that’s incorrect and maybe that is in and of itself the cause factor. As I indicated previously, my levels weren't normal during the 5 days of the course and I was actually given the insulin levels to inject and my sugars did not correspond at all during the 5 days which is also a clear indicator to me that something should have shifted and changed in those 5 days. Having gone from having normal and good HB levels to incredibly poor levels - I am really sure that the only factors that are at play that are significant are the insulins I have been prescribed and changed to.

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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My qualifications is that I've spent many years on a mixed insulin and failed and spent many years using DAFNE and succeeded....now pumping...

I didn't mean to come across aggressive or anything...I just believe that if you understand your own control you can pin point what exactly is causing the issues..

Getting it right during the actual course is not likely.....unless you had been already doing something similar before hand....as you came from a mixed regime that hadn't happened....

Now a mixed insulin is suitable for some...but if you want the flexibility of being able to eat what you want when you want....drink alcohol, excercise...all while maintaining good control with a decent HbA1c....DAFNE is the first step to that goal....

The basics principles stayed the same but my approach and tactics all changes to suit my needs....this needs to happen for you to....

You talk about insulins being responsible....but there are different ones to try that are still basal/bolus....the only difference from your previous stuff is that it's been seperated....to allow you to adjust them independently of each other....it's simple maths and logic...

What was your best HB on the mix and what did you eat?

Are you on a split dose of basal and if so are the doses correct...?