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Peg Leg Chewit DAFNE Graduate
North Lincolnshire
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I have just done the dafne course and have filled in the form for the user group, but I think this regime is so briliant I would love to get more involed, is thks possible?

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Yes and no is the simple answer Very Happy , There is a DAFNE User Action Group (DUAG) which is a group of people, some of whom were elected and some who just joined that go to DAFNE Programme meetings and get involved in the running of DAFNE generally. If you are interested in this then the best option is to go here and send the DAFNE programme team a message about getting involved. They will be able to provide details of what it involves and if there are any spaces for people to join. There IS a turn-over of members due to people's outside commitments meaning they have to drop out, so opportunities to join to arise.

Rose Douglas DAFNE Graduate
Northumbria Healthcare Trust
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I have had Diabetes for 64 years and have been a DAFNE Graduate for several years. I did not use this site.
I have just been on a Refresher Course which I found most helpful even after 14 years.
I am interested in getting involved . I am a pensioner and have other disabilities and am limited as to
what I can do.