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Michael Robi... DAFNE Graduate
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My mobile app (iPhone) says my log in credentials are incorrect. I know they are correct but not sure how to make it work so I can upload

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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how do you know there are correct Smile When was the last time you tried to connect ? We log all connections and upload attempts from apps so if you can provide some more information we can hopefully help you Email us direct using the contact DAFNE Online at the bottom of every page, you will get a quicker response then posting in the forums to be honest as I don't always get to look at the site everyday. So try and enter your credentials again and when you get the error tell us the time and day it occurred and we can check the logs to see what is happening.

Kevb 1 post

I’m new to this having just past my dafne course last week.20th/24th August what’s happening is it’s letting me some entree’s in then it won’t and when I say won’t it comes up in a little box that username and password don’t match up for some strange reason,you can reply to me at