Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge DAFNE App problem

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Hughesy DAFNE Graduate
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Hi, I got a new phone today a Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, I managed to download it no problem from the play store.

Anyway I've logged on to it ok, updated my settings however there is no option when clicking into the entries section to download entries from remote site, on my previous phones I would hit the menu button and the following options would appear
Download, Upload, Food Groups, Alphabetic, Food Groups and more.

There is no option for these on hitting what appears would be the menu button!

Been a DAFNE app user for years now,does anyone have any ideas how to fix?

Many thanks

alistairmcmi... DAFNE Graduate
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Hi Hughesy,

Did you find a solution to this problem?

I'm running the app on another Android device (a Vodafone Smart Prime) that doesn't have a menu button either. But if I click on "Entries" and then long-press on the Recents button it seems to act as a Menu button and the menu appears from the button of the screen allowing me to Download entries from the site.

- Alistair

Peter DUAG Committee Member
University College London Hospitals (UCLH)
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If you're still looking, those options are available by pressing and holding the return key to the right of the menu button.