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Diabadass05 DAFNE Graduate
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Hi all,

I am new to this site, having completed my DAFNE training just last week. Whilst we were at the course a few of us downloaded the DAFNE app on our mobile phones and I have been playing around with mine lately. One thing I have realised is that I can't seem to find where you view the BG diary entries as a graph? The others in the group had iphones and seemed to have no issues but having downloaded the app to my Samsung Galaxy S6 android phone, I just can't seem to find where that option is! Any help would be greatly appreciated - many thanks Very Happy


Peter DUAG Committee Member
University College London Hospitals (UCLH)
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Unfortunately the Android version of the App does not contain all the features of the iPhone version. The site is run by volunteers and one of the founders is an iPhone user who has developed the app on his own and continues to add new features to that version. A couple of years ago someone else volunteered to port the iPhone app to Android, and that's the version that is still used (by me as well). Unfortunately the original volunteer who undertook the port hasn't had the time to continue to make the same updates that have been applied to the iPhone version, so there is a growing difference between the capabilities of the two. This will continue unless someone else volunteers to update the Android version.

In the meantime you can upload the data from the Android version to this site (there's an option to do this automatically) or in the entries list press and hold to the right of the power button and you will see a menu including the ability to upload data. Note this is also useful if you have no wi-fi/3G/4G connection when adding data in the app as it will fill in any gaps on the "server". Once the data is loaded to the site you can view it through the DAFNE Tools/My Blood Glucose Diary menu option at the top of the page. The graphical options appear after the data is listed.

If that's not good enough, the final option is to export the data from the site in csv format and load it into Excel where you can produce your own graphs.

Hope that helps.


PeterKemp DAFNE Graduate
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
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Hello Peter
Many thanks for your advice to Claire. I have the 2017 version Samsung A5 and following your comments above, have successfully uploaded all my data from the phone to the DAFNE online Blood Glucose Diary. Thanks! Very Happy