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Caspar Aremi DAFNE Graduate
University College London Hospitals (UCLH)
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Hi guys,

I use the app on an iPhone 6 Plus. I love the latest updates with the graphs, and having the data go in to the Health app is a great move, I like having it on my health dashboard along with all my other data from other apps - my runs and steps, my calories eaten etc. Over time I think it's going to help build up a really powerful picture of the steps we can take to improve our health.

I have a few suggestions -

Some days, I don't enter my results as I test (I do try to, but sometimes you're on the go all day and don't have time). I find the date picker to be really fiddly and it's quite a lot of work to put in results for more than one entry.

I'm not sure how I'd suggest it gets improved, but I think one of the main suggestions would be to automatically update the 'Type' based on the time you input. If I put in an entry for yesterday at 7am, the Type stays set to whatever time it is I do the adding rather than guessing breakfast, like it does when you first go to add a new entry.

Perhaps also when adding one backdated entry, then you go to add another, it could automatically pick the same date as the first one you entered. If you wanted to add a new 'now' entry, I assume most people would do that first so it shouldn't get in the way.

My other suggestion is the diary view - could there be an option to have the latest entry at the bottom, and you scroll up to view older ones? I find having the newest in the top to be a bit illogical, and is the reverse of how they're displayed on the site!

Finally, I'm a new Apple Watch user, and it would be amazing if there was an app on there, so you could just hit 'New entry' and put in the numbers. I wouldn't want to view past results or anything on there.