Can a ipad app talk to the iPhone?

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Fudge DAFNE Graduate
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Just graduated from Dane, started using the online diary. I was wondering if I could get the data I enter in one to automatically appear in the my calendars, contacts etc do?? Any advice welcome. I have iPhone 4 and version 2.0.3 of the app.

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Fudge,

The apps on two different devices won't sync like calendar and contacts as they don't use iCloud; however if you add in your DAFNE online username and password to the app settings tab, and set diary upload to on, the app will then upload your new entries to the website. From your other device you can then swipe down on the diary tab (as if you were checking for new email) to download your entries from the site.

Hope this makes sense, let me know if you'd like any further help.

Fudge DAFNE Graduate
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Thanks Simon. All working well now. Very Happy

Ivorthediver DAFNE Graduate
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I recall getting the iPhone BS add on so that my blood glucose results could be entered via a plug in device that clipped into the base and therefore went everywhere your iPhone went Very Happy

What no one told me was that the reporting system only worked on Apple related devices and the NHS only used Microsoft Shocked so that was a waist of money Evil or Very Mad