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Ryder DAFNE Graduate
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I seem to have an issue with my blood sugars falling low when I'm particularly stressed. I'm 13 weeks pregnant at the moment and try to not let stress affect me but there have been a few issues with work/some family members recently which can turn me from super cool one minute to breaking point the next. Any tips (apart from trading some people in-which I'm considering! Lol)

Alan Shepherd DAFNE Graduate
St Luke's Kilkenny
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Hi - firstly congratulations on your pregnancy! - what do you mean by "low"? - if you are adding stress (families can be a right pain!!) into the mix; and whatever hormones are extra in your body with your pregnancy, I am not surprised you are having trouble with fluctuating blood sugars - as you may have guessed I am a bloke so can not speak from direct experience but I am sure a few extra blood tests would not go astray while you have somebody inside you scoffing all of your valuable carbs, I could also suggest reducing your background dose down a bit during this time (or even your QA:CP ratio), but to be honest your doctor is probably better qualified than I am at that conversation - not much constructive help I know but best of luck anyway

Phil Maskell DAFNE Graduate
Nottingham University Hospital & QMC
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Like Alan suggested I would have a word with your Dr or Nurses as normally I would expect stress to raise blood sugar, stress is a fight or flight response from our caveman days running away from danger, the body (liver I think) kicks out glucose to give you a burst of energy to run away.

I am guessing something else is going on, maybe your background as Alan said, definitely have a word with your Dr or team.