Android - adding entries with no wifi connection

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mum2westiesGill 502 posts

I know I need a wi-fi connection for uploading entries so they go onto the main site but do I need a wi-fi connection for adding entries.

The reason i'm asking is because I'm going on holiday for a week and may not have access to a Wi-Fi connection at times.

Garry DAFNE Graduate
North Lincolnshire
328 posts

If you are able to, just use your 3G connection.

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
665 posts

As far as I am aware it works the same as the iPhone app, which is you add entries at anytime then when you do have a wifi connection the app compares what is in you app with the website and adds entries that are missing. So yes you can add entries with no wifi.

With regards to using the 3G connection it depends on where you are going. If its outside of the country you will be charged a minimum of £1.99 per day probably more depending on the phone company. Better to use wifi if possible, there are loads of free wifi points all over the world now,