Thinking of upgrading iphone 3GS to a Galaxy. Anyone got any views on this?

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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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I've had my iphone 3gs for about 3 years now and am a bit fed up with its relative slowness and the bizarre things that itunes makes me do. My better half has a Galaxy 3 which seems much better, and now the Galaxy 4 is out and very tempting. In relation to managing your diabetes using the DAFNE app (which is fantastic!) can anyone comment on their own experience making an upgrade?

Vickyp DAFNE Graduate
Durham Diabetes Network
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I havent upgraded but have a galaxy s3 and love the DAFNE brilliantly!

youone DAFNE Graduate
Hull and East Riding Diabetes Network
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Vickyp said:
I havent upgraded but have a galaxy s3 and love the DAFNE brilliantly!

I also love the app works great also vey useful when your out and about,
anyone got a IPhone 4S just the BI meter looks cool on there? Very Happy

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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i have an iphone 4 and the app is great............

i think upgrading to either the s3 or s4 will be an extremely positive and noticeable difference..........


marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Hi the app will work on both, in terms of the app you are unlikely to see much difference between the 3GS and a galaxy. The galaxy will be faster generally because it is newer but so will an iPhone 5. as the O2 Ad says there is always a better, faster phone around the corner. Its personal preference at the end of the day and I don't want to get into that debate Confused