Android- CP Lists don't match?!

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Ariane DAFNE Graduate
Queen Mary Hospital, Sidcup
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Dear all,
Am puzzled.
I have an HTC Desire S and have no problem syncing my BG levels onto the online version.
I find the online format messy and barely legible in the notes column Shocked but its a great app so bygones...

What I would like to do is add my own CP calculations to my local CP list, there seems to be no way I can do this. Crying or Very sad
Added to which all the really handy foods that have been added by users (including myself) online, are not transferred to the CP list that comes with the app, the transfer does not seem to work both ways and it seems there is no facility to update the CP list.

So to summarize I am asking :
Idea How do I get the CP list online and my Local CP list to match?
Idea How do I add my own foods and CP calculations to the local CP list on my phone?

Can you help?

Thanks! Smile

JayBee DAFNE Graduate
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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I was told back in August 2012 that an update was eventually coming... Nothing yet though. I've noticed other changes o the site that don't match up (even my ketones aren't being recorded correctly any more).

Is the android app going to get an update to accommodate the new changes?
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