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RichFreed DAFNE Graduate
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland
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If I decide to change my QA:CP ratio in the app (iphone) then re-enter the CP value the app reverts the ratio back to the settings saved one. Therefore the auto-calc of QA will never work for an overridden ratio.

Enhancement request 1:
It would be better if on overriding the ratio it then re-calc’d the QA field. And better again if it asked to update the saved settings with the new ratio.

Further Background;
This comes about for me because I exercise 3 times a day almost every day (the only days I don't is due to weather or if I am away from home). While I am doing my regular exercise I have a ratio that works nicely but if for some reason I am unable to do my regular exercise my insulin efficiency & thus my ratios change (takes about 1.5 days for the efficiency to wear off). At the DAFNE course I learned for the first time that this is normal. In my case my 'efficiency' reduces by about 50% for breakfast so from a 3:1 ratio I'd be going to 4.5:1 or looking at it from the other way my efficiency increases by 33.3% from no exercise 'in me' to exercising.

Enhancement Request 2:
If would be great if the app was able cope with this. A percentage field on each entry type to account for an exercise ratio adjustment & then maybe a tick box to invoke it into action at the diary entry screen would be how I would envision it to work effectively.

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Rich,

Thanks for your feedback. 1 should be pretty easy to add/fix so will work on that first. 2 is a bit more in depth so will take longer to do, but I'll put it on the (ever growing) to do list.