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Mags B DAFNE Graduate
Kent and Sussex Weald Diabetes Centre
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I have decided I want an iphone so I can use the DAFNE app. The dilemma is that I would need to pay a minimum of £26 a month plus £300 for the phone. There is an option to buy a older model for £400. As I hardly make any call and don't have enough friends to bother with Texts (aw poor me) I quite like the 2nd option.

The question is how much do I need to connect to the internet with the DAFNE app? The pay as you go option charges £1 per day to connect to the internet, but offers WiFi so I could presumably download at home for free? This falls apart if it connects by itself to the internet and charges me £1 per day for the privilege.

Please help - Contract or Pay as you go?
Mags Confused

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Depending on what network you go with, paying £1 a day for internet would come with a maximum amount of data transfer, say 10Megabytes a day..............

this would be more than enough to accommodate the data going back and forth on the DAFNE app, which is only the downloading and uploading of readings, which as you say can be done at home were your wireless is available........

So if you have the money to buy the handset outright, then pay as you go is fine...........once you have set up the phone to connect to your router, it will do so automatically if your wireless is turned on on both the the iPhone and house.......so you dont need to worry about connecting by GPRS, however, even if you did, the DATA moved back and forth would never exceed any limit put in place for your charge of 1 pound, which you will be paying regardless of whether your online or not..........

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Do you actually need an iphone though ? From what you say you don't need to make calls or texts so you don't really need the 'phone' function, So the crucial factor is do you want to be able to use it 'on the move'. If you are happy to just use it at home or with range of a WiFi hotspot then you could get an ipod touch rather than an iphone, this will run the app quite happily. The only difference between an ipod touch and an iphone is the 'phone' part the rest is all the same. The advantage of an iphone is it would let you use the 'app' where ever there is a phone signal. If you don't need it to be this mobile then you can use an ipod touch. As far as I am aware you can even add entries in the app on an ipod touch when out and then upload them when you get home and in range of your home broadband.

chrisinbrum DAFNE Graduate
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
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I like the ipod option, although I've also considered an android phone now the app is available for android. I've not decided which to go for yet myself, but if you did want a phone Mags maybe an android one would be cheaper....

PNThompson DAFNE Graduate
North East London Foundation Trust (Havering)
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I use the iPod option and when you do not have access to the internet a warning will appear but you can manually download the readings when the internet access is available as mentioned above.
I have experienced several problems using the App and at times the App closes down for no reason.
With the costs of either an iPod or Smartphone (iPhone or Android) I don't know personally if it is worth investing in just to use an App to record BG readings.

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Have you reported any crashes to Simon ? He can't fix them if he doesn't know about them. The ipod is the same as an iphone as far as the app is concerned, however like all PC's everyone has different software installed on them and other software could potentially interfere so its sometimes hard to track down the exact issue. I agree I wouldn't necessarily just get an iphone/ipod for the app but hey you can also get Angry Birds and other great games Very Happy