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Just downloaded the Android Dafne Online App. Looks brilliant - Thank you for making it available.

I tried to use it for adding diary entries and uploading the entries but crashes in the app and I did click on the feedback/report option which hopefully sent some info to you yesterday.

I have now updated the diary through the web pages using my PC but I was surprised that the diary entries visible in the Android App not showing my data.

It would be really useful I think if we had a synchronise button and some clever code that merges the online diary with additios or changes from the mobile app. I also have an iPad and have the iPhone App there - Again it would be nice if I can access my diary / update it through the app and for sync option to be provided with auto & manual sync options. The App does have the username and password so it can connect to the main web diary.


simon ajina

SA2010 DAFNE Graduate
University College London Hospitals (UCLH)
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Just found the Download button - so now can see my web entered data !
Auto-sync / manual-sync facilities would be still beneficial

not sure why upload was crashing yesterday. will try it again later today/tomorrw