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As some of the users on the site don't have access to a DAFNE course it seems there are some questions that are being asked quite a bit, or at the least there is some advice which seems to be a staple answer to various questions.

For graduates there is the handbook to reference but even for graduates (and certainly for non-graduates) I was thinking it could be useful to do out some short 'how to' style guides to address these issues. So when someone says are having difficulty working out their background insulin then you can reference the 'how to' which will contain all the general theory like how you can go high from a hypo in the night, how to check if it's holding steady & the importance of getting your background right before working on your mealtime ratios etc.

This then means that you can then just reference the guide on how to get your background right rather than trying to explain it all again. As if we have someone do it right once that has to be better than dozens of people taking quick stabs at it every few weeks.

If you want to do it with low overheads then you could set up a how to board which was read only to all but those selected to author said guides.