How to turn off the 0.5 measure on QA's

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Cath DAFNE Graduate
Hull and East Riding Diabetes Network
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Hi. Absolutely loving this app but how do I stop it giving me a half measure of QA when automatically calculation is turned on? My insulin pen doesn't do half units so its annoying having to remove all the half measures the app gives me. Thanks in advance.

JayBee DAFNE Graduate
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
587 posts

If you're using the Android version, the closest thing you're going to get is going into "Settings" and then untick the "Auto Calculate QA" option I think.

I use a half unit pen so the 0.5 is something people like me do use a lot. Perhaps adding a setting of your pen unit amount would be a good idea?

Saying that, perhaps if you find you need half units a lot too, it may be worth speaking to your care team to arrange a half unit pen. Depends what your body does when you have to round up or down.

Best wishes and thanks for the feedback! Smile