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Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
390 posts


I get email notification when I subscribe to a post, but not when I get a message in my inbox. Is it possible to receive an email saying that I have a new message?


Alan 49 DAFNE Graduate
Maidstone General Hospital
284 posts

Yes, I agree - I had a message in my Inbox for nearly two weeks before I noticed it.

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
560 posts

I'm sure we can work this one in - it's on the to do list. Will let you know when this is done.

meltow DAFNE Graduate
Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust
78 posts

Didn't even realise I had an Inbox Shocked However, I've now found it, and nothing in it Crying or Very sad