Any plans for a blackberry app

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Debbie.Hubbard DAFNE Graduate
NHS Tameside and Glossop
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I just graduated last week and have signed up to DAFNE Online today. Someone on my course was raving about the app but there doesn't seem to be a blackberry app.

Any plans to develop one?

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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I dont see why not in future, its just currently the blackberry platform is not as popular as the android and apple ones, and therefore may be a little trickier to actually build the app and get it on the blackberry store...........

I think its a java based app, so the current developers of our DAFNE app might be up for the challenge...........however the time its takes to build these things, test them, and maintain them is quite substantial I think............

I hope it comes soon..............

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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sorry to disappoint you both, but the DAFNE App is written specifically for the iphone and Android platforms, its not java based. The issue is the 'cost' and effort of developing for what are unfortunately 'niche' platforms. A blackberry is more of a business phone and I'm presuming ( I will check) that to develop for it will require costs and expertise that
we don't posess. We have the other versions of the app because we had both the expertise and software to do it. If there is someone signed up who has the required skills
and software to develop a blackberry app then we are happy to share the information and help develop the app. Our only requirement is that it is free. This site is 100% not for
profit, we are not here to make money, rather give back some of the benefit we got from DAFNE.

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
1,800 posts

marke said:
its not java based...

The blackberry apps are java based I believe, that's the point I was making, so a totally different ball game..........

I do think an app can be built for free, but the ins and outs of it all are unknown to me, so couldn't really comment............

Alot of work in the end.........

But one day maybe..............

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
669 posts

see thats how much I know about blackberries Wink
As I said if anyone volunteers to do it or help do it, we will be able to produce an app much quicker. If its down to us it could take a while !
(I won't bore you with the technical stuff....)

PNThompson DAFNE Graduate
North East London Foundation Trust (Havering)
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I currently use the App on the iPod but without any Wi-Fi makes it difficult to use as it is designed for the iPhone and uses the iPhone to upload the info.
I have now got a Blackberry and would appreciate if somebody could create an App but I understand that this takes time and requires somebody with experience to create one. I wish I knew about creating Apps and I would have a go.